You can call me Meg.

Positive Psychology & Holistic Health

My mission for making Positive Psychology practical and personal is driven from my own desire for insight. 

As a starry eyed teenager with great grades (I was Dux, School Captain, the only one on the Honors Roll and everything else in between), I assumed that life would be an easy roll through University, a great job and most importantly an enormous amount of adventure along the way.

But while I was great at regurgitating information, I had no handle on the skills we need in life to excel. 

By my mid twenties I started to truly think there was something wrong with me. I had completed my Bachelors of Arts (Anthropology & International Relations), gotten married, had my own Holistic Health coaching business and was living a dream life between France and Australia.

And yet, I felt disconnected from myself and from the world in which I lived

- a second character in someone else's novel. 

I stumbled upon Positive Psychology and realized there was nothing wrong with me, but simply I hadn't learnt the foundation factors that lead us to live lives of connection, inspiration, satisfaction and joy.

I dived straight into a Masters of Positive Psychology.

The strategies of positive psychology were the missing key to unlocking my own authentic happiness,

and I am passionate about promoting it's power.

I am dedicated to becoming a visible promoter of Positive Psychology and showing how this ground breaking field of science is showing us the way to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. 

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